Developed in the 80s with Laser and IPL, Photothermolysis or xLHE (medical-grade Light Heat Energy) is a non-invasive technology that treats various skin conditions deep beyond the dermis layer of the skin. Combined with a customized prescription of plant-based formulation, its post-treatment result was observed to have zero visual down time on our cutomers. Botanical Photothermolysis is visibily effective to:

• Reduce Acne & Breakouts • Fade Pigmentation • Refine Enlarged Pores
• Instantly Hydrate Skin • Correct Uneven Skin Tone • Regenerate Aging Skin
• Reduce Clogging of Pores • Reduce intensity of Irritaion • Repair Sun-Damaged Skin
• Reduce Sebaceous activity
.. in Oily Skin
• Increase suppleness in
.. Dry Complexion
• Normalize texture in
.. Combination Skin