New Face is a prescribed, highly concentrated plant-base treatment that manages the following conditions:

• Acne & Breakouts • Sensitive Skin • Course Skin • Clogged Skin
• Dehydrated Skin • Uneven Skin Tone • Mature Skin • Irritated Skin
• Oily Skin • Dry Complexion • Combination Skin • Sun-Damaged Skin

• Your skin is thoroughly cleansed and freed of environmental debris.
• A precription of essential oils are infused into your skin to further cleanse and soften it within the pores and to prepare it for absorbing the prescribed New Face formulation.
• The prescribed New Face formulation is applied onto the skin.
• Post-treatment, the skin is calm, supple and refreshed. Acne infection and sensitivity subsides. Skin texture refined. Uneven skin tone, oily, dry and dehydration conditions are normalized. Skin feels soft, moisturized and supple.