Combining botanical, anti-oxidative formulas with an enzyme delivery system, New Eyes treatment helps reduce dark circles and puffiness around the delicate eye area, firming the delicate skin and aids in draining excess fluid retained around the eyes. This chemical-free, bleach-free natural treatment for more brilliant, sparkling  eyes requires no downtime.

• Dark-looking, “puffy” skin at the under eye area is commonly caused by stress, fatigue, lack of sleep and nutrition, accumulation of toxins, medication, age, hereditary conditions and leaking blood capillaries..
• A botanical-enzyme formula is  applied to the delicate affected area, The enzyme delivery system firms and detoxifies the eye area, improving cell activity, reducing water retention and strengthening capillaries.
• Post-treatment, dark areas and puffiness are visibly reduced. Cell activity becomes less erratic and skin health is optimised. The eye area appears younger, brighter and skin texture becomes more refined.