An ultra-light plant-based moisturiser formulated for all skin types. Anti-oxidants and vitamins protect and repair skin from environmental stress. Balances oily to dry skin types while hydrating the skin and locking moisture in. Non-greasy and non-comedonic formulation. Use regularly to promote a soft, hydrated and glowing complexion. 

Looks and feels like: liquidy milk infused with flowers and berries.

Average time taken to finish using this product: 30 days

Ingredient highlights:
Aloe Barbadensis (rejuvenation, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, healing, cooling), Triticum Vulgare (cytophylactic, regeneration, healing, anti-inflammatory), Vitamin E (antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, regeneration, protection, cytophylactic).

Product safety:
All ingredients and preservatives used are in line with FDA, EU and ASEAN Cosmetic Directives. Only approved preservatives are used to prevent microbial contamination and proliferation of fungi in all our products.