An alcohol-free toner enriched with generous concentrations of botanical extracts to visibly tone the skin, reduce active sebaceous activity and lighten dark spots and blemishes. Regular use helps to refine skin texture, and boosts radiance and clarity. Suitable for use on all skin types.

Looks and feels like: blended mixed-greens summer juice.

Average time taken to finish using this product: 30 days

Ingredient highlights:
Citrus Lemon (antioxidant, depurative, brightening), Cucimis Sativa (soothing, softening, restorative), Daucus Carota (tonic, antioxidant, protection, healing, anti-inflammatory), Matricaria Chamomila (antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal, antiallergenic), Mentha Piperita (tonic, regulate sebum, circulation), Rosa (tonic, antiseptic, soothing, restorative).

Product safety:
All ingredients and preservatives used are in line with FDA, EU and ASEAN Cosmetic Directives. Only approved preservatives are used to prevent microbial contamination and proliferation of fungi in all our products.