Dating back to 4th millennium BC, ancient civillisations in China, India and the Middle East had skincare preparations which combined quantities of botanical and animal-derived ingredients. With the advancement of science, we have greater understanding of plants, and can harness their amazing properties in creating effective modern-day skincare solutions. 

Since 2003, The Skin Botanique is the first and only clinic in Singapore to pair the knowledge of Botany with expertise in Nutrition Therapy. Backed up by sound scientific research, we stay true to nature by formulating treatments from herbs, roots, essential oils, flowers, enzymes and wholefood sources. 

From customizing in-clinic treatments, to our skincare offerings, we continually monitor the efficacy of all prescribed treatments to not only improve the skin, but also keeping the results sustainable for each of our customers from year to year.

From our very first formulation in 1992 and the set-up of our clinic in 2003, we are proud to enjoy the recognition of being a trusted provider of plant-based skincare treatments. Among the numerous real-life testimonials by our customers in main stream lifestyle media, we were awarded the Spirit of Enterprise 2005 by President S.R. Nathan and recognised as the First Natural Skin Clinic in Singapore, under the “Medical and Healthcare Establishments” category by the Singapore Book of Records in 2008.