Acne is a chronic skin disorder characterised by the excessive production of oil (sebum) from sebaceous glands. This causes the hair follicles (pores) to become clogged.

At normal levels, sebum works to keep the skin moist. When it clogs pores, however, it prompts the growth of bacteria within the follicles. This results in the formation of microcomedones, comedones (white and blackheads), acne, pimples, papules, pustules, and cysts. These conditions may be caused or aggravated by certain medication.

Acne can appear on almost any part of the body, but occurs most frequently on the face and back. Sometimes, permanent scarring can result from these lesions if it is left untreated or further aggravated by inappropriate ways of extraction.

While they usually do not pose any major threats to health, they do cause sufferers great embarrassment, distress and agony. Depending on the individual, acne conditions can be of both a chronic or acute nature. It is important that a non-invasive and sustanable method be chosen to manage and progressively improve the condition.